Phuket is one of the most important attractions in Thailand. The main economic sectors of Phuket are the rubber economic and tourism industry. Phuket is a province that suitable for tourists who love the sea. Tourists and foreigners would impress in Andaman and Phuket cultural identity. Moreover, you shouldn’t miss eating Phuket local food at “Rawai Boat Noodle Restaurant”. It is the “Halal food” restaurant in Phuket. The main ingredient of Halal food is beef. Halal is Islamic dietary law, Muslim may not consume other foods not permiss in dietary law.

Rawai Boat Noodle Restaurant located in Phuket Town, nearby Rawai beach and Rawai mosque. Rawai Boat Noodle Restaurant is open from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m., closed on Friday. Transportation is a comfort to you. The owner is a Phuket local person who expert at Phuket local food for more than ten years. He is known for its meticulous selection of ingredients. Sometimes you are worried about eating Halal food. Don’t worry, because Rawai Boat Noodle Restaurant has several of Thai-Southern food for selected, such as Pad-Thai, Beef Massaman curry. Rawai Boat Noodle Restaurant’s food shows Phuket food cultural pass through good smell identity and food coloring. Thai-Southern food was influenced by Malaysia and Malaysian-Chinese in terms of cooking and ingredients.

You will be welcomed by the very friendly staff and the best service. The owner of Rawai Boat Noodle Restaurant is a sociable and kind person. He always talks with a customer to be like his neighbor. Rawai Boat Noodle restaurant is quite big, indoors and open-air restaurants. All of the staff could speak the English language fluently. The price of food starter 60-150 THB per dish. It’s not expensive and a reasonable price, because of all the dishes fully quality and delicious. Tourists always said that Rawai Boat Noodle Restaurant is one of the recommended restaurants in Rawai.

On the other hand, The Rawai Boat restaurant is not exactly what time to open. You should call at (+66)87-888-8397 for confirming a time to open-close. Sometimes the parking place is not available for all customers. I suggest you drive a car for one family or take a taxi. All of all, you shouldn’t hesitate to taste Halal food at Rawai Boat Noodle Restaurant. Rawai boat noodle restaurant is one not to be missed. Don’t let the picture make your mouth watering, let’s travel Phuket and taste the Halal food.