When you here of Thai country what comes to your mind? The caves? What about Phi Phi island. Perhaps you’ve heard of Phi Phi island before. You must be impressed to learn more about it. Phi Phi island is one of the best places you tour. I am going to tell everything about the Phi Phi island and I will expose both the good and bad things about the island. Read to the end.

Phi Phi island is one of the most known islands in the world as it has been featured in movies, and in many blogs including mine. It is the reason why most people make a stop in Phuket. The site is just the best you can be. There are six islands that make up the Phi Phi islands; Phi Phi Don, Phi Phi Ley, Bamboo Island, Yung Island, Bida Nok, and Bida Nai.

However, the Phi Phi island has two main islands; Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh. Phi Phi Don is the larger and most of the time for most tourists is spent in this place. There are resorts where you can spend your time away from home and you enjoy a relaxed atmosphere .the Phi Phi Leh island is uninhabited and has caves and lagoons that are so attractive. It is home to Amanda bay which was featured in the film, ‘The Beach’ with a storyline of a backpacker on the hunt for the perfect paradise.

 One approach to the island shows a love pattern and it’s all beautiful blue scenes of water and coconut trees. The island is situated in Krabi province, and it is the largest island in Thai. if you ever think of paradise Phi Phi islands in Phuket will be the ideal place for you to witness an existing paradise.  The bluish water with waves that move slowly towards the beach and a few coconut trees on the beachside then illuminating sun conditions will just form what you would term as a paradise. Why should you visit Phi Phi island?

The pee-pee funs

What else would you want to enjoy other than the fun in the pee pe islands? There are a variety of things you can do and have fun.  For one there are hotels and restaurants just near the place. These supply you with any food that you might need during your visit. The Phi Phi islands have got marine life that you would want to see with your eyes. You enjoy watching the docile leopard sharks. Tonsai bay near the islands has 80 bars and restaurants that offer a variety of services.

There are also isolated beaches for honeymooners, families and small groups where you can have your fun without interruption. Both the day and the nightlife of the phi resort are just the best you can experience. During the days you can decide to take a walk through parks and other islands that have so many types of marine life to watch. You will enjoy watching the different fish in the clear beach water.

When to visit

The best time to visit this corner of fun is when the rains are not there and that’s when you can have enough time to enjoy the beach life. Between November and February, you will have the best experience because that is when the weather is favorable.

However, during these two months, the beaches are crowded and the prices of the area rise. Therefore considering times when there are short rains would be the best. The months between March and May when everyone is home can be the best time to visit.


 To get to the island you must need some means of travel to this wonderful place. There are ferries to get you to the areas and you may also opt to use boats in the area. Depending on where you are coming from you may opt to take a bus to the Phuket area. However, taking a bus and looking for boats may get you lost. Perhaps you have never been to this corner of the world you do not have any Thai language communication skills and you would like to have fun here, how will you go about it? For one look for a better way to ensure you get the best services. There are agents who deal with travel plans and they ensure they plan everything so well for you. Visiting their site and making some applications about your travel plans can give you a good service. You will save time while on the island as you will not need to stop looking for boats and bargaining then again you may also need to pay a translator.

Travel agents link you to the right people and they ensure you have all the information regarding your visit to the island. You get to learn more things with them because at times they provide you with a guide. If you are planning a trip to the hi islands we encourage you to plan it in advance. Have everything ready and you will enjoy visiting the area.

Visiting the Phee Phee islands will give you a great deal of fun. Make travel arrangements with the sunny and you will enjoy seeing marine life and experience the culture of different tastes from yours. Phee Phee’s Manda bay was chosen to be the paradise that the backpacker was looking for and truly it is visiting it and you will have the memories forever.